New Vlog and photos!

Thank you for spending a little bit of your life reading and watching my “product”.

Please click on the link to watch my new Vlog: the art of storytelling. In the first part of the storytelling trilogy, I talk about the concept of Self-awareness and provide some tips for writing your novel, script, or speech without having to blatantly and obviously state what is going on in a particular scene or setting you’re trying to write about. This is the power of nonverbal cues. The book I am referencing is Power Cues  by Nick Morgan.

Click to watch now!

Hopefully you watched my Vlog so you can boost the number of hits I have on Youtube (like it matters). Now, as promised, I am providing you with a few photos of my recent trip to Denver. If you see one you like, feel free to share it…and always always always (rule of self-awareness! repeating yourself is unnecessary in writing) comment on this blog or share my posts on your own page (with citation of course)

Both: Golden, CO, outside the Coors plant. This is what Coors Brewery employees see every day.

inside the Coors plant. The glow in E.T.’s hand just…looks perfect.

left: Downtown Denver from my hotel room at mid-day. Right: Downtown Denver from my hotel room at sunrise.

left: one more epic shot of downtown Denver at sunrise just because. Right: Dushanbe Teahouse, Boulder, CO. The restaurant was built by Tajik architects as part of a “sister cities” project.”

Dushanbe Teahouse ceiling.

Chicago and Lake Michigan from 39,000 feet.

This one might confuse you: I took this interesting photo from a location in the general Denver area. Can you guess where? If you get it before I post the remaining photos this week (sometime Thursday, October 2 in the P.M.), you win a prize. Seriously. A little Colorado gift from me. Hint: When you think of China you think of this.

***Spoiler alert: You may feel a little “elevated” after seeing the next batch of photos, if you get my drift.

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