I’m for Mobile but Google’s Decision not a Timely One

“Mobilegeddon” is here, so sayeth the newspapers. It officially began yesterday .

Look, I believe in mobile when applicable. If i ran a business, I would want my website to be mobile-friendly as well as desktop friendly, since both are two different experiences. For example, an e-commerce site should make buying on mobile the easiest part of your experience, but the desktop version might limit the storefront to an easy-to-find page or banner on the site and then you might have a blogpost which is featured as well. There are many good sites like Dudamobile which optimize pages for mobile. I’ll post on this soon to give you guys my personal picks about mobile sites.

But Google’s decision is unfair I think because it doesn’t give small businesses, especially those run by older people who barely know how to update a web page, time to go mobile. This also hurts small nonprofits like mine who don’t have the staff and/or resources to constantly be on top of things like SEO and new content, because Google rewards web pages which are frequently updated, and if you’re a 1 (wo)man band, you may not be able to update your page with relevant content daily. Even if you do it every week, Google will still reward people who update more frequently than you.

They should have given people at least 30 days to go mobile, 60 preferred. For me right now, a bump down for my blog page won’t hurt as bad (though wordpress is a mobile-friendly site) but I could see this being calamitous for small, local businesses who provide services and don’t have a social media person paying attention to this news daily. Imagine if all of a suddenly you had a week where your heating and air conditioning repair business wasn’t getting calls. ‘Nuff said.

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