How Do I Get Noticed on Wattpad? Why Isn’t Anyone Reading and Giving Me Feedback?

For those of you who use Wattpad, or plan on using Wattpad to promote work or test ideas, this post has some great ideas.


You’re new to Wattpad, aren’t you? You’ve been wondering where the reads and feedback are? You’re feeling discouraged, right?

No fear; we all have been there.

First of all, when you get started on Wattpad or have been on Wattpad for quite some time, you can’t just publish your story on your profile and say “I’m done.” Because honestly, you aren’t going to get any reads that way.

It’s very hard to get noticed on Wattpad, that is the truth. But with a lot of dedication, you will be on your way.

Here is a good list of ways to get noticed and their reasons why:

Be active on the clubs:

Have not discovered them yet? Well, you should. At the top of the big orange bar is a button called “Community.” Click it and go down to “Clubs.” That is where people hang out, get help, and make friends…

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