My Novel got Rejected Again

After revising my query and trying again, I finally got an agent to request a partial. After she read it, here’s what I was told:

” I read it and found the plot interesting, but wasn’t as taken with the dialogue or writing, so I’m going to pass on the opportunity to represent this.”

I offered another novel that’s totally separate but that was declined as well (without being read).

So what does this mean? Ironically, I thought the writing and dialogue were good and the plot not so much, so this agent saw things completely opposite. However, as of this writing I’m over 17.5k reads in less than 3 months, and my story is consistently in the top 400 (as high as #49) out of at least 100,000 fantasy stories on Wattpad, so clearly there is interest in Bradan’s story. Per popular demand, I will post book 2 as I have no ability as of yet to market the novels themselves. I will continue to try to seek a traditional publisher but if no one wants the novel, I will self-publish the series rather than sit on them forever.

While I appreciate this agent’s time in reading the first 50 pages of ERA OF BRADAN, it’s disappointing that yet again, I cannot get interest in a novel that, as I note above, has a pretty solid following on Wattpad, especially given that it’s my only book and I only began posting it this calendar year. While the number may fluctuate, I gain about 1000 new reads every 4-5 days, which means close to 7,000 new fans a month or another 55,000 by the end of this year (this is just at current trends- typically as books get more reads, they attract even more people so I could end up averaging 1,000+ a day). Now that’s not a lot of reads on Wattpad, but it does suggest there’s interest in this story. Keep in mind this is a MG novel and isn’t even the right age for Wattpad’s readership. By the time I post the second novel, I should be able to easily get over 100,000 views (and no money for it). This doesn’t even count my kid beta readers, the few who’ve read the whole thing on PDF and have liked it, if not loved it.

I get that agents have a lot of submissions and it’s a totally subjective field. But I think they are looking for different things than what readers are looking for. And remember, we aren’t even up to the publishers yet. Oh well. In the meantime, back to selling card games.


What do you think about the traditional book publishing process ? Have you experienced rejection within the industry?

7 thoughts on “My Novel got Rejected Again

  1. Sorry about the rejection. Have you ever thought of taking part in a Twitter pitch party? #PitMad is over but I believe there’s a pitch party called #KidPit. I’m not completely sure and have to double check. Is your novel a fantasy? Then you might like to take part in #SFFPit for science fiction and fantasy authors.


    • Dear Lidy, thanks for the comment. I’ve done two twitter pitch parties for this novel, and one for another. With this novel I had one agent interested (ironically when I pitched the overall series arc) who then rejected my query (not enough discussion of social issues in it?). I tried #SFFPit once to no luck, but I’ll do it again in case I reach new agents. Never heard of #KidPit, so thank you for pointing me in that direction!

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      • You’re welcome. It looks like the next #KidPit session is in November. And like its name it’s garnered towards young adult, middle grade and children book manuscripts.

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      • Lidy, I love the tip. But if you read my post today, you’ll see that I am concerned about the future of the print industry. If Barnes and Noble gets out of the print business for all but the biggest megasellers, what happens to aspiring authors who aren’t celebrities? We can self-publish, but that will literally be out of need and not choice, unless you have the right connections or the exact one book publishers want at that moment a la Twilight

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