Don’t Quit: 3 Tips I’ve to Overcome Creative Fatigue

Heroes of History has been so time consuming that I have been unable to write, and that has been frustrating. Whereas writing a book is a pain because I am never satisfied with the final product, the same is true of Heroes: I am always looking for ways to make the game even better.

As a creative person, I work best at night, and trying to adjust to an early rise schedule isn’t always easy. As such, I’ve felt tired at times, and I just want to put off doing any real work. This is something non creative people  don’t get: They don’t know what it’s like to never be truly satisfied with your work, and always wondering how you can tinker with your work to make it better. Most people do something and they think that’s the end of things. We know, as creative persons, we always have doubts about whether our work is the best it could ever be!

So if you feel like you want to quit and take a long break, you will be advised to do so by other bloggers. I don’t agree, among other things that irritate me about some other bloggers (sadly, many give bad advice). Here’s what you can do instead:

  1. Instead of telling yourself, ‘self, I will write 2k words today’, and then not doing it, set a smaller goal of 500 words and then try to exceed it. If you don’t, 500 words is not that much.
  2. If you’re designing a tabletop game, ask a fellow professional game developer to check your rulebook and make sure s/he gives you the satisfaction that your rules are clear and good to go. At some point you do have to stop modifying the rules. This is the problem I had with Heroes: I put in a rulebook, and then decided it wasn’t perfect, so the next set will have a few rule modifications. I know the temptation to keep tinkering with your game, but please. Just. Stop.
  3. Take short breaks, like a few days, but try to work during daylight hours. The biggest mistake I’ve made is working late at night, and that means I sleep less than most people for when i have to get up in the morning.

This is hardly a complete list, but I’d rather get you, dear reader, to offer your thoughts. What do you do when you need a break from your work?

Note: My list is my personal opinion, not what you should be doing. Some people are obnoxious about how superior they are to you and while they are very insightful people, also love to dole out advice as if it’s always the truth and not merely their own opinions.



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