It’s all over :,( for #kickstarter

After 20 days with the Kickstarter I realized I am nowhere close to my goal so I decided to pull the plug and cancel the campaign.

I could go on about the problems with Kickstarter and crowdfunding but I won’t. Instead, I’ll focus on what I think went wrong:

  1. Too many campaigns in one year. I had a successful campaign in Feb/March but I think a lot of my backers were supporting me to be polite. Maybe in a couple of years I can get them to back again but there was less enthusiasm and it came off as asking for too much money. At least one of my previous backers thinks so.
  2. Not a big enough audience. Crowdfunding is not exactly an “even playing field” when it comes to raising. Sure, a frigging cube or potato salad prank could go viral and earn you hundreds of thousands of backers. Or, you could get a great PR campaign and get some quality publicity. That might work. But if you lack that type of press or virability, then you better have a big group of people prepared to back you. And if you don’t, then you’re likely not to make much money.
  3. Video didn’t feature me. The video is really good and great thanks to Benji Seyler and his friend for their help in putting it together. But some people prefer videos with the creator in it, and this one is very professional but did not feature me.
  4. Demand? I always wonder how demand works. The problem with business (and yes, if you make and publish your own game you are a business!) is that it’s not always easy to know when your products and services are in demand. The marketplace is made up of too many moving parts so you can spend a lot of time on something you’re proud of, only to find out the market really doesn’t care what you made or how you provide service. I think this is the number one reason 80-90% of new businesses fail!

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