Biznass Life-Lessonz

As I work on my non-sexy startup, I’ll add new tips I learn that may be able to help you based on what I’ve learned on how to run a non-sexy startup.

Non-sexy startup (Merriam-Webster): A startup that isn’t “cool” enough to receive lots of attention from the national media or investors to be able to grow. These include “mom and pop” operations, businesses that may not necessarily be “solving a problem” the way Silicon Valley thinks of it, businesses not started by someone with celebrity or celebrity appeal (such as George Clooney or a 14-year-old transgender Asian female), or business ideas that are not obviously “disruptive” or “ground-breaking” like Tesla or Uber.

As a side note, this definition also works for authors who self-publish, since basically you’re running a small business with your work as your product.

If your business or business idea meets the criteria of a non-sexy startup, then this page is for you.

Life Lesson #1: Your startup doesn’t matter to most people (with money)

Life Lesson #2: If you expect to work 35-40 hours a week on a business, 9-5,  entrepreneurship is not for you.

Life Lesson #3: quality, not quantity, matters when it comes to hours worked. Whoever claimed anyone working less than 80 hours a week is a “slacker” is an idiot if 10 of those hours are spend watching epic fail videos on YouTube and 10 more are on Facebook.

Life Lesson #4: Loving your job AND doing what sells matters. Following your passion is worthless if you aren’t making any money and won’t ever.

Life Lesson #5: You don’t have to like or love what you do, but if you hate what you do and can’t love it, don’t do it. You only live once: Do you want to waste it being miserable just to earn a few extra grand?

Life Lesson #6: Unless you’re really good, lucky, or just have “the thing” people want or need this second, you will not turn a profit the first few months, even the  first year, of your business.

Life Lesson #7: Don’t start a business if cash flow is a problem for you.

Life Lesson #8: Don’t start a business unless you love risk and uncertainty, and spending thousands of hours of your time doing things that might not ever work in the marketplace.

Life Lesson #9: Before starting any type of business, even a lifestyle business or just a game-making business, do a little homework first! I learned this the hard way.

Life Lesson #10: It’s better to start a business when you’re young, IF you can. However, student loan debt and lack of experience or a strong network are legitimate reasons to hold off, despite what some people think.

This list will be expanded upon as I get to them.


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